Benchmark Solutions can provide the following testing services upon client’s request at their premises:

Air/Noise/Light Quality Test

1.       Temperature

2.       Relative Humidity

3.       Air velocity

4.       Suspended particulate matter (SPM)

5.       Particulate matter 2.5 (PM 2.5)

6.       Particulate matter 10 (PM 10)

7.       Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC)

8.       O2, O3 (Ozone), CO, CO2, CH2O, H2S, SOx and NOx

9.       Light Level Test

10.    Sound Level Test/Noise Monitoring


Water Quality test

1.       pH

2.       Total dissolved solid (TDS)

3.       Total Hardness

4.       Conductivity

5.       Dissolved Oxygen

Stack Emission/Flue gas analysis

1.       Combustion efficiency

2.       Flue gas Temperature

3.       Excess air (excess O2)

4.       O2, CO, CO2, NOx, and SOx

5.       Flue gas loss

6.       Differential Temperature

7.       Draught

Electrical System (for both single & three phase)

1.       Volts/Amps/Hertz

2.       Power (Real, Apparent, reactive, harmonic,         unbalance, fundamental real, fundamental apparent)

3.       Power factor in different electrical system

4.       Energy (Active, Apparent, Reactive, Forward, Reverse)

5.       Energy loss (electricity) in real Dollar/BDT value due     to various problem

6.       Dips and swells (in Volts/Amps/Hertz)

7.       Harmonics (in Volts/Amps/Hertz)

8.       Unbalance (in Volts/Amps/Hertz)

9.       Inrush

10.     Power Inverter Efficiency

11.     Energy Logger (up to 7 days)

Leak Detection

1.       Compressed air distribution system, piping

2.       Refrigeration system

3.       Doors, Windows and building envelope

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