An important part of the integrated air quality management system is the establishment of a monitoring program for air quality. The Air Quality Program is responsible for helping the clients to understand the current air pollution scenario in their factory and take necessary actions to prevent and minimize air pollution from their activities. There are many national and international guidelines and standards for air quality. Global standards and The Environment Conservation Rules, 97 (ECR, 97) of Bangladesh emphasize that continuous emission measurements of CO, NOx and SOx is necessary. And in case of ambient air, in addition to CO, NOx and SOx, Particulate matter (PM 2.5, PM 10) measurement is also necessary as per ECR,97. The main objective of Air quality program is to check whether factories meets the required criteria. There are few other objectives which include but not limited to:

• Determine if air quality is meeting national and international air quality standards and GMS’s own specific criteria.
• Provide near-real time air quality information for the protection of public health
• Forecast air quality
• Assist with permitting activities
• Evaluate the effectiveness of air quality control activities of GMS
• Determine air quality trends
• Identify and develop responsible and cost effective control strategies
• Evaluate air quality models

Benchmark Solutions can help our valued clients to conduct air quality monitoring program to identify air quality to prevent and minimize air pollution and promote a cleaner environment.

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