Benchmark along with Snakard Consulting Group (SCG) has been involved in developing numerous Loss Prevention Engineering deliverables for industrial projects, facility designs and modifications complying with international best practices including, but not limited to the following standards and guidelines:  NFPA Code Requirements, EI-15 Area Classification Codes for Installation Handling Flammable Fluids, and other industrial best practice requirements.

The following Loss Prevention Engineering Services are provided by Benchmark:

  • Project Specific Fire and Safety Philosophy Development;
  • Conduct Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) Study;
  • Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Risk Register Development;
  • Develop and Review Fire Water System P&ID;
  • Develop and Review Fire Protection & Safety Equipment Layout Drawings;
  • Develop and Review Fire Protection and Safety Equipment Technical Specification and Data Sheets;
  • Develop and Review Fire and Gas Cause & Effects diagram; and
  • Conduct Escape Evaluation and Rescue Analysis and Prepare Life Safety Study Report;
  • Conduct Fire and Gas Detector Mapping Study to identify the direct flame, combustible and toxic gas hazards in case of a leak and provide optimized fire and gas detectors count for validating effective locations on the layout.

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