Chemistry plays an important role in manufacturing processes in our industries. Like all other substances and processes, dealing with chemicals is dangerous. Benchmark solutions can help the clients in implementing an effective chemical management system (CMS) which focuses on reducing the risk in dealing with chemicals from the procurement to the final disposal of chemicals. A systematic approach is followed as per ZDHC guidelines and other broadly accepted guidelines during implementation of CMS. Benchmark solutions can help clients from any steps of the following systematic approach to implement CMS:

  1. Getting ready for change by involving top management, create willingness to change and quick self-assessment
  2. Understanding the situation at hand by analysis and document process flow, prepare inventory, prepare NPO/waste inventory and identify regulatory requirements
  3. Identifying and assessing chemical hazards by reviewing safety data sheet
  4. Identifying and assessing risks and control gaps
  5. Formulate performance goals and action plans, assign roles and responsibilities and assess training needs
  6. Establishing/implementing good chemical management practices
  7. Monitoring, reviewing and reporting performance

A CMS is an effective framework for improving overall environmental and chemical performance while achieving the goal of zero discharge of hazardous chemicals.

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