Energy audit has become a growing interest in recent years due to its direct impact in production cost. Energy audit is the first step to assess how much energy an organization consumes and what measures the management can take to make the organization more energy efficient. It will save significant amounts of money over time. Energy audit not only has direct impact on business benefit but also has considerable impact on our limited natural resources.

Benchmark Solutions has AEE (Association of Energy Engineers) accredited Certified Energy Auditors (CEA) who are capable of conducting:

  • Preliminary Energy-Use Analysis (PEA)
  • Unit-by-unit detailed building survey
  • Detection of leak at the system and energy waste due to leak
  • Detailed Energy Analysis
  • Breakdown of all Energy loads
  • Identify energy waste at the facility and opportunities for improvements
  • Quickly show how much money clients are losing due to energy waste in terms of real dollars/Taka
  • Detailed analysis of capital-intensive facility modifications

The findings of an energy audit can be a good starting point for establishing Energy Management System in your organization. Benchmark’s ISO 50001 certified professionals will help you to develop Energy Management manual to implement effective energy management system. Benchmark solutions also Conduct Internal audit on request at planned intervals in the organization to evaluate the effectiveness of the Management system, identify nonconformities and correct at root causes and identify opportunities for improvements.

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