Benchmark Blog is the networking hub of students, teachers, scientists, researchers, industrialists and businessmen from all over the world. Here, the bloggers will not only produce contents, but also build social relations with readers and other bloggers. Benchmark blog is open for all to write. But, for new blogger the post won’t be published instantly. The blog moderator panel will review, make necessary corrections and publish on behalf of blogger. When several posts from the same blogger pass the moderator panel without any major correction, that blogger will be allowed to publish the post instantly. While review any post, the moderator panel will keep in mind the following:

  • Benchmark solutions will maintain the non-sectarianism. Nobody will be allowed to criticize people from different race, nation, religion and gender by their post or comment. If Benchmark notices such contents in any post, it will abstain from publishing that post.
  • Everybody is requested to show respect to others and not to be aggressive to others of different opinion. If anybody complains about such things, Benchmark will investigate the situation and upon finding of enough evidences, Benchmark will have the right to block him from our site.
  • Benchmark solutions is encouraging it’s users to abstain from advertising of products and services without prior permission, disseminate the religion and political view, using of slang words.
  • The blogger should not publish anything which violate the copyright.

If anybody wishes to write in our blog section, please follow the below:

  • Provide the required information in contact us section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Every blog must have a headline. It’s better to give us a thumbnail but it’s not mandatory.
  • If anybody wishes to edit or delete any blog after publishing, he/she notify the moderator by email.

Besides blog, Benchmark will publish news about science and technology, quality, health, safety, energy, environment and related services and products.

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