An average of 53 fires happened in Bangladesh, daily, in 2018 ! 

In the events of a fire, the highest priority is to get everyone out of the area as efficiently as possible. But without prior training, reasonable actions are always forgotten. 

Training in workplace fire safety provides a sense of preparedness to employees and employers which, in turn, can add value to the overall health of the organization.

We have an excellent pool of experts who can develop and deliver Fire & Safety awareness training at our state-of-the-art training center or at the client’s organization, to the intended audience.

The aim of our training is to help you understand the importance of fire safety and how you can contribute to a safer working environment. As a business manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees and workplace.


The topics covered in the training are:

  • Theory of Fire;
  • Legal Requirements;
  • The Ignition Sources that Cause Fire;
  • What can be Done to Reduce the Risk of Fire;
  • Actions to Take on Discovering a Fire;
  • Actions Required for Efficient Evacuation;
  • Key Fire & Life Safety Areas to be Evaluated;
  • Major Types of Fire Extinguisher and their Usage;
  • Completing a Fire and Life Safety inspection;
  • Fire Fighting, in Case of Absolute Emergency;
  • Conducting an Evaluation Exam for Employees; 
  • Conducting a Fire Drill.

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